Ask God and receive revelation

There are lots of things not recorded in the bible and it is a big mistake that you fill the gap with your limited knowledge. However, we can always ask God to reveal it to us.

Where did Paul learn things about God? He didn’t have the Epistles to read to learn about God. He in fact received all the amazing revelation from God directly (Galatians 1:12 (link)). And we sure can do it too (Romans 2:11 (link)). God is the creator of the world, why should we beat our heads out to figure out all the things while we can simply ask our dear heavenly Father?

Here is an amazing revelation directly from God which isn’t revealed in the scriptures – “Why did God make a redemption plan for man but not for Satan?”

Video (link)

The guy in the video simply asked God a question and he enjoys a close relationship with God. It reminds me of what I have learnt from a lesson by Charis Bible College (link).

Get to know God, have relationships with God, for out of it comes your ministry, your revelation and your destiny.