Ask God and receive revelation

There are lots of things not recorded in the bible and it is a big mistake that you fill the gap with your limited knowledge. However, we can always ask God to reveal it to us.

Where did Paul learn things about God? He didn’t have the Epistles to read to learn about God. He in fact received all the amazing revelation from God directly (Galatians 1:12 (link)). And we sure can do it too (Romans 2:11 (link)). God is the creator of the world, why should we beat our heads out to figure out all the things while we can simply ask our dear heavenly Father?

Here is an amazing revelation directly from God which isn’t revealed in the scriptures – “Why did God make a redemption plan for man but not for Satan?”

Video (link)

The guy in the video simply asked God a question and he enjoys a close relationship with God. It reminds me of what I have learnt from a lesson by Charis Bible College (link).

Get to know God, have relationships with God, for out of it comes your ministry, your revelation and your destiny.

Communion is a celebration

Bible says when we take the Communion, we are to remember Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:24-25) and examine ourselves (1 Corinthians 11:28). Some people see Communion as a sober and uptight ordinance. ***But I take it as a celebration.***

Bible doesn’t say communion isn’t a celebration, so we can celebrate. Same as Sabbath and Passover, the Jews could take it as a celebration. They were promised 7 day provision for 6 day work. All the first-born Egyptian (enemy) were slaughtered without a fight. I think it is a pretty good reason to celebrate.

People celebrated the law (ministry of death) –> We celebrate the new covenant (ministry of life)

In the time of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 8:8-12 ), when people understood the Law, they were instructed to eat the fat and drink the sweet to celebrate.

And now we are in a better covenant than the Law (2 Corinthians 3:9).

If the people were commanded to eat the fat and drink the sweet when they understood the law (which is meant to kill), how much more shall we celebrate when we are under the New Covenant (which is meant to give life)?  (2 Corinthians 3:6-11)

When you remember what Jesus has done for us and how much He loves us and gave us the New Covenant when you are taking the Communion, joy arises and you can’t help but celebrate. You will have a difficult time to put on a sad face.

Isn’t one of the fruit of the Spirit joy? Maybe we should exercise it and bring it out of our born again spirit.

But should we be sober and examine ourselves to see whether we are eating and drinking in a worthy manner?

You know what? No one can eat and drink the Communion in a worthy enough manner, considering how good and precious the New Covenant is. All worthy manner in the world will become nothing before the New Covenant.

New Covenant is about believing the right things, not about doing the right things. (Doing the right things is good and important though, when you believe the right things and focus on it, you will do the right things).

–> so don’t think too much about if u are doing the right things are not, examine your belief first.

Examine ourselves in here (1 Corinthians 11:28) means examining whether we really believe and have faith on the New Covenant or not

Because some people didn’t believe, they couldn’t get the benefit of the New Covenant and so they were weak and sick and died. (1 Corinthians 11:30)